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Bruh Bruh an American recording artist from West Oakland, CA. Bruh Bruh began his musical journey at the age of 20 years old, and has continued to grow. Bruh  Bruh has been studying his craft and decided to create his new flow and style reinvented himself . He has been working and taking it very serious. Bruh Bruh through experience understood the struggle of getting your music heard and out digitally so he began, Eagle Status LLC. a marketing agency and Record Label to assist those up and coming artist. 

Ending the craziest year,  Bruh Bruh releases song "Pandemic" marking it a year of growth and success among the chaos.  The most controversial track, "Don't Understand Me" featuring TrapBoy Freddy, also created a wave on the internet.  On Christmas Eve Bruh Bruh felt in his heart to just give out money for people Christmas shopping that may have been suffering due to the circumstances, and fed the homeless.  Bruh Bruh is  pure and genuinely compassionate keeping honesty and truth while battling the woes of the world its no wonder the symbol Eagle was chosen. Which are all the ingredients for his lyrics you can feel the words in your soul.  Bruh Bruh has gained everyone's attention after finishing the year with "End Of December". This EP was full of closure from toxic energy and betrayal coinciding with that of the world. His sharp perception shines through as he brings vivid visual  shot and directed by some of the best in the industry. Bruh Bruh is working and wants the world to hear him, Soon to release  EP, "Farewell To The Bottom" with hit single "Quarantine in Houston" featuring, Lil Durk. Stay tuned as he makes his mark in the industry.


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